About the Ad-Hoc Governance Committee

The Ad-Hoc Governance Committee was an ad-hoc group that was formed by the Ryan White Part A Planning Council (RWPC) and the Prevention Planning Group (PPG) based on an interest in increasing the integration of prevention and care services through integrating the community planning process.

The Ad-Hoc Governance Committee no longer meets. Please see the calendar for upcoming meeting information for other committees.

Approved Meeting Minutes and Meeting Packets

December 18, 2012 (Packet only - minutes not yet approved)

  • Process - Next Steps

December 4, 2012

  • Discussion on the Benefits/Opportunities/Challenges/Concerns of Integrating Both Bodies
  • Community Stakeholder Committee Proposal
  • Next Meeting Date

November 2012

  • Review Draft Bylaws
  • Next Meeting Date

October 2012

  • New Name for "Exploratory Committee"
    • Ad-Hoc Governance Committee
  • Timeline of Workplan
  • Dates to present plan to RWPC and PPG
  • Planning Bodies Mandates for Membership
  • Other Planning Bodies Integration Updates
  • Next Meeting Date

September 2012

  • Mission Statement/Charge of Committee
  • List of Principles
  • Timeline
  • Commitment from Members
  • New Name for "Exploratory Committee"
  • Next Steps
  • Next Meeting Date

August 2012

  • Planning Body Comparison
  • Next Meeting Date