About the Monitoring Committee

The Monitoring Committee consisted of the co-chairs of each PPG committee. The committee monitored and tracked the activities of the PPG. It also advised the PPG on policies, processes, and other matters as necessary.

This committee met on an as-needed basis, and has not held a meeting since 2012. Please see the calendar for upcoming meeting information.

Approved Meeting Minutes and Meeting Packets

February 2012 (Packet only - minutes not yet approved)

  • Extention of PPG Members' Terms
  • PPG Membership Directory/Bios

March 2011

  • Extension and/or Addition of CPG Meeting
  • Allocations
  • CPG Nominations Committee

September 2010

  • Committee Attendance
  • 3-Year Planning Cycle

August 2010

  • Committee Attendance
  • Annual Schedule/Timeline
  • New CDC Application
  • Letter of Acknowledgement