About the Points of Integration Workgroup

The Points of Integration Workgroup is an ad-hoc group that was formed by the Ryan White Part A Planning Council (RWPC) and the HIV Prevention Planning Group (HPG, formerly the PPG) based on their combined understanding of prevention and care services in and around Philadelphia. This is a task-oriented workgroup that meets on an as-needed basis.

The Points of Integration Workgroup is not currently meeting. Please see the calendar for upcoming meeting information for other committees.

Approved Meeting Minutes and Meeting Packets

December 2013 (Packet only - minutes not yet approved)

  • Linkage to Care

November 2013

  • Care Readiness Assessment
  • Best Practices: Prevention with Positives

October 2013

  • Treatment Readiness Assessment
  • Prevention with Positives
  • Work Plan

September 2013

  • Treatment Readiness Assessment
  • Vision and Purpose
  • Work Plan

August 2013

  • Review of Past Discussion
  • Treatment Readiness Assessment
  • Work Plan

May 2013

  • Review of Treatment Readiness Assessments

April 2013

  • Review Linkage to Care Survey Results

March 2013

  • Work Plan for 2013 - 2014

February 2013

  • Review Presentations on Linkage to Care in the Philadelphia EMA
  • Continue Discussion on Linkage to Care

November 2012

  • Presentation on Linkage to Care in the Philadelphia EMA
  • Discuss Presentation in January

October 2012

  • List of Questions for Panel Speakers

September 2012

  • Calendar of Activities for the Upcoming Year

August 2012

  • AACO Surveillance: HIV Medical Care and ART
  • AIDS 2012: Summary on Stigma, Healthcare Settings, and Discrimination
  • Points of Integration: Mission and Vision
  • IAPAC Guidelines: Retention in HIV Care and Adherence to HIV Treatment

June 2012

  • Continued Material Review

May 2012

  • Material Review

April 2012

  • PCSI Overview
  • Material Review

February 2012

  • Review of CTR Model and ECHPP Logic Models
  • Review and Continue Work on Prevention with Positives Best Practices Guide