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Food Bank/Home-Delivered Meals

Food Bank/Home-Delivered Meals

HRSA Service Definition

Food Bank/Home Delivered Meals refers to the provision of actual food items, hot meals, or a voucher program to purchase food. This also includes the provision of essential non-food items that are limited to the following:

  • Personal hygiene products
  • Household cleaning supplies
  • Water filtration/purification systems in communities where issues of water safety exist

Program Guidance:

Unallowable costs include household appliances, pet foods, and other non-essential products.

See Medical Nutrition Therapy. Nutritional services and nutritional supplements provided by a registered dietitian are considered a core medical service under the RWHAP.

Number of Clients Served, Units Provided, Expenditures, Cost per Client and 3 Year averaged Cost per Client (based on actual expenditures)

Year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Food/Meals Clients 3,169 2,941 2,713 2,459 2,677
Food/Meals Units (meals) 83,771 80,481 69,407 294,609 78,410
Food/Meals Dollars $992,626 $688,982 $610,731 $538,026 $836,044
Allocated Dollars $309,801 $311,927 $332,308 $334,355 $328,051
Over/ Underspending $682,825 over $377,055 over $288,423 over $203,671 over $507,997 over

Funding by Part, and info on any other payers

Total Part A Funds (Formula + Supp.) MAI Total Part B Funds (Formula + Supp. NJ) Total Part B Funds (Formula + Supp. PA) Total Part C EIS Funds (State & Local) Total Part D Funds (State & Local) Total Part F Funds
Last Year Allocation $328,051 $22,000 $641,525
Current Allocation $326,136 $397,165

Consumer survey info 2017 n=392

n Used in the last 12 months Needed but did not get (last 12 months)
Food Bank/Home-delivered Meals 158 75.3% 23.5%

Unmet need

For the purposes of this document, need is based on the response of a consumer when asked if there was a service they needed. MMP interviews patients in care and asks consumers if they need a service and if they receive it. Client services unit data identifies needs at the time of initial intake.

2016 MMP Percent with a Need 2018 Client Services Unit Need at Intake
Food Bank/Home-delivered Meals 6.5% 18.9%

Recipient Service Considerations