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Linguistic Services

Linguistic Services

HRSA Service Definition

Linguistic Services provide interpretation and translation services, both oral and written, to eligible clients. These services must be provided by qualified linguistic services providers as a component of HIV service delivery between the healthcare provider and the client. These services are to be provided when such services are necessary to facilitate communication between the provider and client and/or support delivery of RWHAP-eligible services.

Program Guidance:

Services provided must comply with the National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS).

Consumer survey info 2017 n=392

n Used in the last 12 months Needed but did not get (last 12 months)
Linguistic Services 139 89.2% 10.8%

Unmet need

For the purposes of this document, need is based on the response of a consumer when asked if there was a service they needed. MMP interviews patients in care and asks consumers if they need a service and if they receive it. Client services unit data identifies needs at the time of initial intake.

2016 MMP Percent with a Need (uninsured) 2018 Client Services Unit Need at Intake
Linguistic Services - 3.1%