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Other Professional Services/Legal Services

Other Professional Services/Legal Services

HRSA Service Definition

Other Professional Services allow for the provision of professional and consultant services rendered by members of particular professions licensed and/or qualified to offer such services by local governing authorities. Such services may include:

Legal services provided to and/or on behalf of the individual living with HIV and involving legal matters related to or arising from their HIV disease, including:

  • Assistance with public benefits such as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
  • Interventions necessary to ensure access to eligible benefits, including discrimination or breach of confidentiality litigation as it relates to services eligible for funding under the RWHAP
  • Preparation of:
    • Healthcare power of attorney
    • Durable powers of attorney
    • Living wills

  • Permanency planning to help clients/families make decisions about the placement and care of minor children after their parents/caregivers are deceased or are no longer able to care for them, including:
    • Social service counseling or legal counsel regarding the drafting of wills or delegating powers of attorney
    • Preparation for custody options for legal dependents including standby guardianship, joint custody, or adoption

  • Income tax preparation services to assist clients in filing Federal tax returns that are required by the Affordable Care Act for all individuals receiving premium tax credits

Program Guidance:

Legal services exclude criminal defense and class-action suits unless related to access to services eligible for funding under the RWHAP.

See 45 CFR § 75.459

Number of Clients Served, Units Provided, Expenditures, Cost per Client and 3 Year averaged Cost per Client (based on actual expenditures)

Year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Legal Clients 1,152 1,089 1,119 1,258 1,103
Legal Units (15 min) 19,520 23,861 24,939 21,444 36,972
Legal Dollars $395,273 $432,950 $410,779 $432,393 $580,520
Allocated Dollars $395,273 $398,678 $408,608 $402,393 $404,342
Over /Underspending $0 $34,272 over $2,171 over $30,000 over $176,178 over

Funding by Part, and info on any other payers

Total Part A Funds (Formula + Supp.) MAI Total Part B Funds (Formula + Supp. NJ) Total Part B Funds (Formula + Supp. PA) Total Part C EIS Funds (State & Local) Total Part D Funds (State & Local) Total Part F Funds
Last Year Allocation $404,341 $57,868
Current Allocation $401,479 $122,868

Consumer survey info 2017 n=392

n Used in the last 12 months Needed but did not get (last 12 months)
Legal/Other Professional Services 118 58.5% 41.5%

Unmet need

For the purposes of this document, need is based on the response of a consumer when asked if there was a service they needed. MMP interviews patients in care and asks consumers if they need a service and if they receive it. Client services unit data identifies needs at the time of initial intake.

2016 MMP Percent with a Need 2018 Client Services Unit Need at Intake
Legal/Other Professional Services - 3.6%

Recipient Service Considerations