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Substance Abuse Outpatient Care

Substance Abuse Outpatient Care

HRSA Service Definition

Substance Abuse Outpatient Care is the provision of outpatient services for the treatment of drug or alcohol use disorders. Services include:

  • Screening
  • Assessment
  • Diagnosis, and/or
  • Treatment of substance use disorder, including:
    • Pretreatment/recovery readiness programs
    • Harm reduction
    • Behavioral health counseling associated with substance use disorder
    • Outpatient drug-free treatment and counseling
    • Medication assisted therapy
    • Neuro-psychiatric pharmaceuticals
    • Relapse prevention

Program Guidance:

Acupuncture therapy may be allowable under this service category only when, as part of a substance use disorder treatment program funded under the RWHAP, it is included in a documented plan.

Syringe access services are allowable, to the extent that they comport with current appropriations law and applicable HHS guidance, including HRSA- or HAB-specific guidance.

See also:

Substance Abuse Services (residential)

Number of Clients Served, Units Provided, Expenditures, Cost per Client and 3 Year averaged Cost per Client (based on actual expenditures)

Year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Substance Abuse Clients 252 223 270 253 272
Substance Abuse Unites (Out Pt. session) 11,581 10,210 12,821 18,011 16,747
Substance Abuse Dollars $367,460 $356,949 $359,604 $346,487 $599,590
Allocated Dollars $360,461 $363,506 $359,748 $354,603 $697,464
Over/ Underspending $6,999 over $6,557 under $144 under $8,116 under $97,874 under

*Projections are based on the history of a service. Projections do not take into consideration federal policy changes, funding shifts, etc. that may occur in the future.

Funding by Part, and info on any other payers

Total Part A Funds (Formula + Supp.) MAI Total Part B Funds (Formula + Supp. NJ) Total Part B Funds (Formula + Supp. PA) Total Part C EIS Funds (State & Local) Total Part D Funds (State & Local) Total Part F Funds
Last Year Allocation $650,964 $51,061
Current Allocation $694,664 $51,064

Consumer survey info 2017 n=392

n Used in the last 12 months Needed but did not get (last 12 months)
Substance Abuse Outpatient Care 85 60.0% 40.0%

Unmet need

For the purposes of this document, need is based on the response of a consumer when asked if there was a service they needed. MMP interviews patients in care and asks consumers if they need a service and if they receive it. Client services unit data identifies needs at the time of initial intake.

2016 MMP Percent with a Need 2018 Client Services Unit Need at Intake
Substance Abuse Outpatient Care 2.7% 5.6%

Recipient Service Considerations