NEW: 2017 - 2021 Philadelphia EMA Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan - This is the nine-county Philadelphia area's five-year plan for HIV care and prevention services. It includes data related to HIV risk and people with HIV in the region, information on the HIV care continuum, a work force capacity assessment, and an overview of service needs, gaps, and barriers. It also provides a series of goals, objectives, strategies, and activities, as well as a plan for monitoring progress.

Supplement to the Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan: Maps of People At or Below Poverty by Race/Ethnicity in the Nine-County Philadelphia Eligible Metropolitan Area - This ten-page series of dot-density maps provide a visual representation of people living in poverty in the Philadelphia EMA, with one map for each county.

Focus Group Report: Adult Heterosexuals - This report outlines our findings from a series of focus groups about experiences with Philadelphia's healthcare system among high-risk heterosexuals of low socioeconomic status.

Focus Group Report: Young Men Who Have Sex with Men - This report outlines our findings from a series of focus groups about experiences with Philadelphia's healthcare system among young gay, bi, and other men who have sex with men. A one-page summary of recommendations from the report is also available.

2015 Epidemiologic Profile - Sometimes called the “epi profile,” this 401-page document contains general population data about Philadelphia and eight surrounding counties (the Philadelphia Eligible Metropolitan Area, or EMA). It includes risk data, demographic information, HIV/AIDS statistics, unmet needs, and service utilization. A 12-page executive summary is also available.

Mapping the Social Determinants by County - Each county in our nine-county area will soon have a thorough profile of its characteristics (or social determinants) mapped out by census tract or block group. These maps illustrate factors like income, insurance status, education level, race, and more for each county.

Philadelphia EMA-wide Priorities for FY2014 - The Ryan White Planning Council (RWPC)'s Comprehensive Planning, Finance, and Needs Assessment Committees jointly prioritize services at a minimum of every three years. This most recent list reflects the service priorities as approved by the RWPC. (Please note that there is not a direct correlation between funding levels and service priorities.)

2011 Resource Inventory - A comprehensive guide to HIV/AIDS services in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, and Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania and Gloucester, Salem, Camden, and Burlington Counties in New Jersey.

2011 Geographic Analysis (PDF) - A Philadelphia-specific analysis of risk factors by census tract. This was designed to help providers of treatment and prevention services target the areas of greatest need, and identifies areas at greatest risk of high HIV/AIDS prevalence.