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About the Planning Council

The volunteer members of the HIV Integrated Planning Council work to ensure that people with or at risk for HIV have access to quality services.

They identify needs and plan resources to ensure services get to the people who need them most.

The HIV Integrated Planning Council serves people living in nine counties across two states.

In 2017, there were 26,973 people living with HIV in the greater Philadelphia area. Of those,

People with HIV lived in
Philadelphia in 2017

People with HIV lived in
the PA suburbs in 2017

People with HIV lived in
the South Jersey counties in 2017

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2017 Philadelphia HIV Care Continuum





Of Philadelphians living with HIV in 2017

  • 90.7%had been
    diagnosed with HIV
  • 86.3%(of newly diagnosed)
    were linked to HIV care
  • 46.1%were retained
    in HIV medical care
  • 51.1%were
    virally suppressed
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Did you know that there's a five-year plan for HIV care and prevention services in our area?

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