Making Allocations for the Ryan White Part A EMA

One of the Planning Council's major responsibilities is allocating Ryan White Part A funds within the Philadelphia area. This process happens every year. The allocations process is led by the Finance Committee, but happens over the course of several special meetings each summer. There are three major allocations meetings: one for Philadelphia, one for the PA Collar Counties, and one for Southern NJ. The process is conducted regionally, but all budgets are presented to the Planning Council for discussion and voting.

The Planning Council considers a great deal of information when making decisions about allocations. Below, you can download the allocations materials used in the 2018 allocations meetings. You can also view an online version of the materials here.

In order to make Part A allocations decisions, the Planning Council follows a formal, documented process. That process is provided below.

The Planning Council also has a formal process for the reallocation of Part A funds throughout the year. You can read it below.

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