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An Interview with Nicole Johns, OHP Staff

Dec. 8, 2012

Tell us about yourself. I am lucky enough to have worked at the Office of HIV Planning for a little over ten years, in a number of different roles. I really enjoy my time with the Positive Committee and other committees, meeting people, learning...

"Keep Dreaming," by Allison

Dec. 9, 2012

Next, we have another digital story sent to us by Adam. Here's the description: "Allison thought that HIV would never happen to her. As a proud mother of three and grandmother of four, her HIV-diagnosis really scared her at first. She has since...

An Interview with Dawna

Dec. 10, 2012

This post is based on an online interview form submitted by Dawna on December 7, 2012. Tell us about yourself. I'm 45 years old and live in Philadelphia, PA and am HIV+. I am the founder and Executive Director of Positive Voices of Philadelphia...

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