2017-2021 Integrated Plan

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2018 Updates to the Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan (Selected Sections)

The following sections of the integrated plan have been updated with available data. 

Section I A, B, and C have been updated in their entirety. Section I D should be read as an addendum to the original section C with as current data as available at the time of the writing. Some additional topics are covered in the update.

Section II contains the strategies, activities and data measures for the plan that have been updated to include the baseline data for 2016. Future updates of this section will contain the data measures for 2017 through 2021 (when available). 

Section III has not been updated.

Special Update

In Spring 2018, the Integrated HIV/AIDS Planning Technical Assistance Center recognized two sections of the Philadelphia EMA's Plan as exemplary. 

For more information on these sections, please visit the following links:

Congratulations to the HIV Integrated Planning Council on a job well done! 

About the 2017 - 2021 Philadelphia EMA Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan

This is the nine-county Philadelphia area's five-year plan for HIV care and prevention services. It includes data related to HIV risk and people with HIV in the region, information on the HIV care continuum, a work force capacity assessment, and an overview of service needs, gaps, and barriers. It also provides a series of goals, objectives, strategies, and activities, as well as a plan for monitoring progress.

Note: The Plan was developed before the HIV Prevention Planning Group and the Ryan White Part A Planning Council merged into a single planning body. 

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Introduction to the 2017 - 2021 Philadelphia EMA Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan

The following document is the sum of the work of the Philadelphia Eligible Metropolitan Area (EMA) Ryan White Part A Planning Council (RWPC), the Philadelphia HIV Prevention Planning Group (HPG), the Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s AIDS Activities Coordinating Office (PDPH’s AACO), and the Office of HIV Planning (OHP). This plan includes and draws upon epidemiologic data, community input, focus groups, surveys, geographic analysis, and historical and social context. While firmly rooted in the federal guidance for integrated care and prevention plans, it expands upon many elements in order to provide a more complete assessment of the HIV system in the nine-county Philadelphia region. In accordance with the guidance, AACO and OHP staff actively participate in the Pennsylvania statewide HIV planning process, while a representative from the Pennsylvania Department of Health participates in the Philadelphia EMA planning process. In addition, OHP staff have attended New Jersey HIV Planning Group meetings, and representatives from the New Jersey HIV Planning Group and the New Jersey Department of Public Health sit on the Philadelphia EMA RWPC. Furthermore, this plan provides for ongoing coordination and future collaboration with both the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the New Jersey Department of Public Health. This document also includes multiple needs assessment activities, which meets and exceeds the guidance’s requirements of CDC-funded recipients.

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